Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From the Days of Slides

I believe these were all shot on Fuji Sensia 100, although I also used Provia and Velvia as well. They were scanned on an Epson 2400.

"Low Tide"
Canon A2, 24mm, Fuji Sensia
This was shot at Five Islands Provincial Park
Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia during low tide.

Minolta X-700, 100mm Macro, Fuji Sensia
I followed this butterfly around the milkweed blossoms for half an hour before finally getting two shots. Hand held from about four feet away.

"Pink Lady's Slipper at Sunset"
Minolta X-700, 100mm Macro, Fuji Sensia
Taken shortly before sunset on a still, autumn evening in Muskoka, Ontario


  1. i would love to see what you would do with the prairies!

    over at poppytalk there is an opportunity to post "spring" images (with colour guide throughout the week)
    a lot of people follow this site

  2. spectacular!...beautiful light.